Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

It is easy way to detoxify your body, mind and emotions. Our bodies have been elegantly designed to take in and process emotions, experiences and nutrition. It is properly balanced when are connected to nature through eating seasonally, cleansing regularly and living in harmony with nature.
Ayurveda recommend cleansing especially in spring , fall to prepare our body and mind to cope up the stress of changing season.
What is Ayurvedic Home Cleansing? Why to cleanse in fall?
This is guided, self administered home cleansing program. It starts with Ayurveda home cleanse consultation (90 min) that includes personal assessment of constitution and dosha imbalances, pulse analysis and customized ayurvedic herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations

  • Day 1 to day 4 – Intake of customized amount of ghee for internal oleation that loosens deeply rooted toxins in cells and tissues.
  • Herbs - used to strengthen appetite and digestion and help the process of cleansing.
  • Low oil or non fat cleansing diet of vegetables, fruits and khichadi. Kichadi is a dish usually made with basmati rice, mung dal, vegetables and spices. It is a Dosha balancing, complete protein and meets all nutritional needs while being light and easily digested
  • Self herbal oil massage followed by hot water shower or steam Massage is vitally important during cleanse to move lymphatic fluid. Massage followed by hot water shower or steam improves blood circulation, facilitates the movement of lymphatic fluid and allows the tissues to release accumulated toxins.
  • Yoga and meditation-To balance your energies and quite your mind
  • Day5,6 and 7 –No ghee but continue rest of the things
  • Day 8 or last day –Virechana (purgation )day Early morning intake of castor oil or other Virechana herbal drink to cleanse the toxins through GI track At evening self administered Basti therapy (herbal oil enema therapy).It smoothens cleansed colon and balance Vata.
  • Strengthen the digestion and cellular metabolism
  • Increase immunity
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Lose weight
  • Improve mood and energy

Benefits of home cleansing
  • Easy and any one can do this
  • Suitable with busy life style, family and work
  • Do it at home with your own peace
  • Small changes in diet and lifestyle can make big difference in your life.
Cost includes
  • Ayurvedic Home Cleanse consultation -90 min
  • 7 days complete cleansing kit that includes
  • Cleansing herbs
  • Herbal oil for massage
  • Ghee
  • Cleansing diet –Khichadi packets-(Organic Basmati rice, Organic Mung dal, Organic spice mix)
  • castor oil or other Virechana herbs

This is general information. We customize the program according to individual.
Call for more information.