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Complete Detox

1 Day -Balance and Bliss day -One day Panchakarma orientation program.

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It is specially customized for you if you had not received Panchakarma before and want to know what it is. How does that feel? It is a taste of Panchakarma program.It is focused primarily on relaxation therapies and the rhythms of Ayurvedic healing. These gentle therapies will quiet your mind and allow you to temporarily detach from the normal stresses of your daily life. Greatly reduces stress and gives deep relaxation. This One day Panchakarma orientation program that includes

3 or 5 or 7 days Panchakarma

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For information about Pre Panchakarma, Main Panchakarma and Post Panchakarma click here

Herbs, herbal oils or decoctions during pre Panchakarma cleansing and at center Panchakarma program are included in cost of Panchakarma
Recommended herbal supplements or oils for rejuvenation after Panchakarma will be charged extra.
Accommodation and transportation is not included.

We highly recommend customized diet and life style plan along with these therapies to bring balance in life.
Please schedule your Ayurveda Health consultation to find what is good for you.