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About Ayur Wellness Center

Ayur Wellness Center provides detail education of Ayurveda and valuable guidance to assimilate knowledge of Ayurveda in daily life style to make it better in the path of health, happiness and peace. Ayur Wellness Center advocates holistic health practice through,

About Dr.(Vaidya) Archana Kulkarni

Dr. (Vaidya) Archana Kulkarni is doctor of Ayurvedic medicine and founder and director of Ayur Wellness center, operated by Shri Ayurveda LLC.
She has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine over 13 years.
Her family used Ayurveda principles about diet, daily routine and herbal remedies for common heath problems in day to day life.
From her childhood she has been always amazed with Ayurveda's healing power and realized how small changes in diet and lifestyle can make big difference in your life .
She wanted to pursue her career in this natural health care system. She has completed 5.5 years of bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS ) and then got selected for master's education (MD Ayurveda) from renowned Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
Yoga is integral part of Ayurveda, She has completed Diploma in Yoga from Yoga Sadhana Kendra, BHU.
After completing her education she worked as lecturer in Ayurvedic medical college and practiced in Ayurvedic Clinic.
She has presented many papers on Ayurveda in different Ayurveda conferences ,seminars and magazines.

After marriage she came to USA and started Ayurvedic practice in PA.
Her passion to expand and share her knowledge of Ayurveda and Panchakarma she has earned Diploma in therapeutic massage and integrated bodywork from Lehigh valley Healing Arts Academy School, PA USA.
Her approach is to see the client as a whole person and unique individual and truly believes that we all are a part of nature and we need to be in tuned with nature to stay balanced.
She offers individual Ayurveda consultations with pulse analysis, assessment of unique Dosha type ("Prakriti" Constitution) and customized recommendations about diet, lifestyle modifications and herbal formulas, yoga and meditation
She offers Panchakarma and other detox and healing therapies.
She provides educational workshops to spread knowledge of Ayurveda.
Her extensive education and experience in Ayurvedic medicine has provided beneficial results in clients with many chronic health issues.

After serving in PA,NJ,NY and CT, she has settled in Tampa FL with her family.

Etiopathological study of Kasa with special reference to Pulmonary
Eosinophila (Vatika Kasa)

Papers Presented:
Archana Kulkarni, Dr. B.N.Upadhyay 'Concept of Hemiplegia And principle of its management according to Ayurveda ', International Congress on Ayurvedic Concepts and Treatment of Neurological Disorders, Udupi Karnataka (Jan 2002)

Archana Kulkarni, Dr. B.N.Upadhyay 'Etiopathlogical study of Kasa with special reference to Pulmonary Eosinophila (Vatika Kasa)' Ayurveda World Summit Feb. 2003 at Bangalore.

Archana Kulkarni, Dr. B.N.Upadhyay 'New Advancement in Ayurvedic Drugs in Respirator Diseses, National Conference on Recent Advances in Ayurvedic Medicine, BHU (2003)

Papers Accepted/Published:

Vaidya Archana Kulkarni, "Ameriketil Ayurveda ek Svanubhava" (Ayurveda in USA), Published in Ayurveda Patrika, Mahila Vaidya visheshank, (Ayurveda patrika magazine-women special) (Nov 2006)

Archana Kulkarni, Dr. B.N.Upadhyay 'Managenement of Unstable Angina with Ayurvedic Medicine' published in NIMA (Feb. 2002)

Archana Kulkarni, Dr. B.N.Upadhyay 'Etiopathological study of Coronary artery disease-classical and current concepts'National seminar on Preventive Cardiology-HRIDYAM 2003 Govt Ayurveda College Thhiruvanthapuram, Kerala

Participation in Various Scientific Meetings, Symposia:

NAMA Conference in New York (Sep 2006)

National Seminar on 'Update on Allergy', Department of TB and Respiratory Disease, IMS, BHU, Varanasi (Feb2001)

2 nd Annual Conference-National Sushruta Association, Department of Shalya-Shalakya, IMS, BHU, Varanasi (Oct. 2001)

First Regional Conference on 'Preventive Cardiology Society of India.' Babaras Sub-Chapter, Varanasi (Sep-2001)

Member of Professional organization

Vaidya Archana is member of IAA (International academy of Ayurveda) AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic professionals of North America) and AMTA (American massage therapy association)