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Authentic Ayurveda Educational Programs

Ayurveda is a natural holistic science originated more than 5000 years ago in India.“Ayu” means life and “Veda” means knowledge. A science that gives complete knowledge of life is Ayurveda. It is a holistic system of self-healing. Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda.

Ayu Wellness is dedicated to providing authentic education of these oldest ancient healing systems and provides tools to integrate these ancient principles and practices in your daily lives. Our educational programs are intended to increase self-awareness, empower the mind and body, and to promote self-healing ultimately building a healthy community.

We do offer continuing education courses to receive CEUs from Yoga Alliance 

Upcoming Courses:


 "Ayurveda for Optimal Health and Wellness"
                      - A comprehensive Course for personal wellbeing

How does it feel if the new year brings you Full of Energy, Optimal digestion,Peaceful resting sleep,Mental clarity and joy?
Come and join us to learn the Ayurvedic traditions to improve quality of life and restore the balance.
                            LIVE WEBINAR COURSE

Ayurveda for Optimal Health and Wellness

First and Third Saturday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm EST
February 6th and 20th 2021
March 6th and 20th 2021

Registration closed

Courses Offered: 


80 hours Certificate Program in Ayurveda and Yoga

IAyurveda is the most ancient holistic health care system contribute great wisdom on preventive, self-healing and wellness aspects of life. This 80 hours certificate program is designed to create self-awareness, to promote self-healing by incorporating traditional healing practices in today's life effectively to enhance health, achieve inner peace and harmony. Yoga is sister science of Ayurveda which shares the same philosophies and yogic practices are greatly supported by applying Ayurveda principles in it.

Be your own coach, learn how to implement these ancient healing tools practically in today's life to create balance and harmony.


Fundamentals of Ayurveda and yoga

This course is designed to deepen the understanding of the basics principles of Ayurveda and its relation to yoga practice. Discover who you are. Understand the uniqueness of the individual, what's your body-mind type/dosha balance, what type of yoga is for me? Benefits of knowing your dosha and how can you maintain that balance with the right diet and lifestyle. How to implement those practices which regularize a person's biological clock, improves digestion, and improves sleeping habits and energy.


Concept of Ahara and Agni: Ayurvedic Diet, Nutrition, Digestion, and Metabolism

IIt is the food that nourishes the mind and body. Ayurveda and yoga share the same philosophies. Learn the food and its relation to 5 elements, what kind of diet is good for your type. You may think why healthy food can create imbalances, understand Ayurveda principles of digestion and metabolism.


Ayurveda Detox and Rejuvenation Practices

Modern lives are extremely exposed to environmental toxins and our lifestyles are contributing to building up internal toxins such as metabolic wastes, emotional toxins causing dosha imbalance, sluggish body's natural ability to detoxify results in compromising self-healing.
Learn ayurveda cleansing practices that are profoundly effective in cleansing excess imbalanced dosha, clears the mind-body channels and promotes the elimination of toxins clarifying the mind and the tissues. Learn nourishing self-care practices support the restoration and rejuvenation.


Ayurveda and Yoga for Women's Health

A woman who nurtures love and care, who inspires, who creates change, has a gift of a unique body that goes through the different transitions of life from menarche to menopause and beyond. Ayurveda and yoga help to bring the balance in natural rhythms of life to blossom the beauty, peace and nourish vitality.Learn how Ayurveda and yoga practices help to go smooth transition through phases of a woman's life and how to create balance in each one.

“There was so much value in the 80 Hour Ayurveda Certification course that I don't know where to start. In this course you will learn valuable information to help you easily apply Ayurvedic principles to your everyday life. It teaches you the basics of Ayurveda. Archana makes the principles seem simple and doable. I found it to be very worthwhile. ”
                                                                                    -Ruth B

" Ayurvedic Nutrition weekend was wonderful. I learned so much about the concepts and rules for how we can use our food to keep us healthy as well as nourished.
Also, being able to experience the actual preparation and hearing why foods were prepared and cooked in a certain way and eaten in certain combinations was really helpful. Of course being able to eat everything we cooked made it all the more meaningful. And as an added bonus I made several new friends. ”- Lana G


We do offer continuing education courses to receive CEUs from Yoga Alliance 

Disclaimer: The information contained in this web site  and services offered by Vd. Archana Kulkarni and/or Ayur Wellness Inc are only intended for educational purpose and not for diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any disease or to replace standard medical treatment or advice. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or other qualified medical provider. 


About Speaker:

Dr. (Vaidya) Archana Kulkarni, Founder, and director of Ayur Wellness Inc, Tampa FL is a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine from Banaras Hindu University India, Epidemiologist, University instructor of public health, and ayurvedic medicine with over 20 years of successful Ayurveda practice and dedicated to provide natural holistic health care to support you in your journey of healing. She is passionate about educating traditional authentic knowledge of Ayurveda, provides tools to integrate these ancient principles and practices in your daily lives.
She is a faculty member at Everglades University Tampa FL and at several Ayurvedic institutions.