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Marma Massage

Shirodhara -Third Eye Therapy- 60 mins /90 mins

Shiro" means head and "Dhara" is the continuous flow of a liquid. In this process, warm herbal oils, milk or buttermilk or decoctions are poured in a slow steady stream on the forehead This stills the mind, synchronizes brain waves and improves cerebral circulation. The result: more coherent brain function, mood stability, and improved ability to handle stress. This treatment is profoundly relaxing, nourishing. It improves mental clarity and comprehension.
It is used traditionally for insomnia, memory loss, hormonal imbalance, headaches, mental tension, and certain skin diseases its benefits are greatly enhanced after a massage or Abhyanga when the body is already relaxed and in a receptive state.
This therapy includes:
• face massage, neck, and shoulder massage
• Warm herbal oil stream on forehead followed by a head massage

Benefits of Shirodhara

 • Profoundly relaxes mind and body
• Reduces stress
• Reduces excessive thinking
• Releases negative emotions
• Benefits sleep patterns
• Invigorates the body and mind and stimulate cognitive memories
• Rejuvenates the entire face and softens worry lines
• Heightens the senses
• Increases intuition
• Increases spiritual awareness 

Suggested Add-on Therapies

• Add Wam Herbal oil massage-Abhyanga
• Add Ayurveda Head Massage -Shirobhyanga
• Add a relaxing mini Ayurveda foot massage-Padabhyanga

We offer customized Ayurveda therapies which means for every Ayurveda therapy organic oils, herbs are carefully selected and customized for you to address your specific needs of Dosha balance. For better understanding of your needs and to receive maximum benefit of the therapy new client's first appointment will include 30 mins brief Ayurveda wellness assessment with Vaidya Archana Kulkarni followed by the therapy.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this web site  and services offered by Vd. Archana Kulkarni and/or Ayur Wellness Inc are only intended for educational purpose and not for diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any disease or to replace standard medical treatment or advice. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician or other qualified medical provider.